How To Setup Roadrunner Email in Outlook?

setup roadrunner email of outlook

Roadrunner Email Settings for Outlook

Get a Complete Guide - Roadrunner Email Settings for Outlook

By following the below steps one can now learn Roadrunner email settings for Outlook in no time. Just go along these steps-

  • Open Outlook and go to “Tool” (in some versions it might appear as “Files”).
  • Then, open “Account Settings”, select the email tab and click on “New”.

click file on outlook and select account settings

  • Select option> Microsoft Exchange, IMAP, HTTP or POP3 > Hit Next button.
  • From the next Display press checkbox > Manually configured server settings or additional server types > Hit ‘Next’ button.
  • Select Option>Internet email> Click ‘Next’ button.
  •  Now fill all the required details as per your choice of IMAP or POP server and thereafter hit on “More Settings” option from right bottom.
  • Make sure that the option of “My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication” and “Use same settings as my incoming mail server” are selected.

Use same settings as my incoming mail server

  • Now, open the ‘Advanced’ tab and ensure that all the server settings server settings are mentioned as below :-

Roadrunner pop settings for outlook

Incoming POP3 port110
Outgoing port587
Secure port995
Security typeSSL/TLS 
Insecure port110
Security typeNone 
“This server requires an encrypted connection (SSL)”Must not be selected
“Use the following type of encrypted connection (SSL)”Must be set as None

Roadrunner imap settings for outlook

Incoming port143
Outgoing port587
Secure port993
Security typeSSL/TLS 
Insecure port143
Security typeNone 
“This server requires an encrypted connection”Must not be selected
“Use the following type of encrypted connection”Must be set as None

Select the checkbox “This service requires a secure connection (SSL)” for both  incoming  and outgoing emails.

Roadrunner smtp settings for Outlook

Outgoing secure port (SMTP)465
Security typeSSL/TLS 
Outgoing secure port 587
Security typeSSL/TLS 
Outgoing port (SMTP)25
Security typeNone 
Outgoing insecure port 587
Security typeNone 
  • Now Hit on the ‘OK’ button to save all the above server configuration
  • At the end hit on the ‘Next’ button to finish and complete the Roadrunner email settings for Outlook. Now you can send and receive mail on your Outlook


Roadrunner Email Settings For Windows Live Mail

  • Firstly Launch Windows Live Mail and access your account
  • Next Screen Appear the inbox > Click Option ‘Accounts’ from the top right bar
  • Hit on the Email icon and type username & password Click Next.
  • By following the on screen instruction enter details of POP and IMAP server as manually mention below here:

POP Server Settings:

Account Type: POP or POP3 

Incoming Mail Server: 

Incoming Port: 110

Outgoing Mail Server: 

Outgoing Server: SMTP, Port: 587

Incoming and Outgoing username: Type complete email id with the  password. 

IMAP Server Settings:

Account Type: IMAP

Incoming Mail Server: IMAP Port: 143 

Incoming Server:

Outgoing Mail Server: 

Outgoing Server: SMTP Port: 587 

Incoming &  Outgoing messages username: Enter a complete email address. 

  • When you are done click on the “Save” buttons to save the settings. 

So by the help of these steps you can easily learn , Roadrunner email settings for windows live mail.

Roadrunner Email Settings for Thunderbird

Follow these Steps to setup Roadrunner email for Thunderbird

  • First of all you need to add account in thunderbird application By choosing the option Edit from upper menu
  • Tap on the ‘Account Settings’>click add account from windows bottom > choose radio button of email >Type your name and email address(roadrunner)
  • Now on the next screen Thunderbird need to enter POP 3 & SMTP information with the username follow these details below here:

Incoming mail server :  “pop

Outgoing Mail Server : smtp

Security Type : Default/None

Username : complete email address

Password : User Roadrunner email password

Now click to save settings and you can use send and receive email through Thunderbird for Roadrunner email 

Conclusion – With these easy and simple steps, one can set up Roadrunner email on Outlook without any hustle and also without seeking any kind of professional help. Everyone can now enjoy using Outlook and roadrunner email together from their comfort.

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