Why Is Roadrunner Email Working Slowly?

Why Is Roadrunner Email Working Slowly

Why Is Roadrunner Email Working Slowly

This writeup discusses the issue of slow working of Roadrunner email. Since Roadrunner is a paid service, there is very little or no issues in its email services. However sometimes the users may face problems with the speed of email as Roadrunner email works slowly.  Apart from this there are various problems faced by Roadrunner email users which are mentioned as below:

  • The main problem which we are taking about is very slowly loading of emails where it takes up to several minutes to load your email on your browser.
  • User has to wait for 2 to 5 minutes after entering the username and password.
  • New Received & unread emails are opening very slowly.
  • Taking more than 10 minute to load the email received content.
  • File received in the email taking too much time to download or open
  • Roadrunner is sending emails with a minimum delay of 2 minutes.
  • Attaching a small and large file is taking more than 10 minutes.
  • It is taking too much time to delete old and unnecessary emails.
  • Typing in the new composing email very slow.
  • Roadrunner sending emails very slowly.

Factors Responsible for Slow Working of Roadrunner Email

There can be several factors responsible for the problem of the slow speed of Roadrunner email. The problem can be related to the browser, internet speed may be down or there can be some problem with the server of Roadrunner email. Here is a list of the few major reasons for Roadrunner email working very slow problem:

  • Slow Internet Speed 

slow speed

Poor Network connection or slow internet speed can be a major reason for the slow speed of Roadrunner email. Sometimes the server of the internet service provider can be down or there can be some other problem due to which the Roadrunner email may be slow. So, Open the other tabs in your browser and try loading a different page like Yahoo home page or Youtube to see whether your internet is working properly or not. 

  • Browser Related Issue 

virus in browser

The browser related issue can also slow down the working of Roadrunner email. The corrupt browser or a browser infected with viruses will slow down the working of your Roadrunner email. 

  • Browsing History, cache, and cookies issue

If you have not cleared the cookies and cache on your browser then it can also affect the speed of Roadrunner email services. Cookies and cache are very important for the browser to function properly but if they are not cleared on time then a pile of cookies can slow down the webpages viewed on the browser. 

  • There Is Virus issue on Computer 


It may be a major reason for Roadrunner email working very slow. If there is virus on your computer then it will affect the browser speed making your email service slow.

  • Roadrunner Email Server Is Down 

server down

This could be a major reason for slowing down the speed of Roadrunner email.  The Roadrunner server can go down due to technical fault, incorrect server settings or due to maintenance from  back end.

  • Too Much Traffic

too much traffic on website 

Traffic load may be excess on the website of the Roadrunner email. In this situation, the load on the server increases and the execution speed of instructions given by the user can go very low. Hence it will slow down email functions of Roadrunner email.

How to Fix Slow Speed of Roadrunner Email Service?

roadrunner slow speed

Roadrunner email working slowly problem can be fixed easily. Follow the below-given instructions to troubleshoot the slow working problem of Roadrunner email

  • Check the Speed of Internet 

This is the first step for troubleshooting the slow speed of the Roadrunner email problem.

  • First, you must check whether your internet is working properly or not.

check internet is working properly or not

  • Open your browser and go to Youtube.

Open your browser and go to youtube

  • Now play any one of the videos in front of you.
  • If the video is not playing properly then contact the cable operator to get the internet fixed 

video not working properly

  • Clear the browser Cookies and Cache 

Cookies and cache are a major part of any web browser. However they can also lead to problems like slow speed of a Roadrunner email page on the internet.  Clear the cookies and cache from your browser by following these steps:

  • First open the Chrome browser
  • Go the 3 dots at the top right corner click there.
  • Next Click on more tool>Clear browsing Data

clear cookies

  • Check what you want to clear and click on the clear button

browsing data

  • Now open your Roadrunner email to check if it’s working fast or not. 
  • Try A Different Browser 

Go to alternate browser like Firefox, Edge or Safari and open your Roadrunner email. If your email is loading faster then it means that there may be problem with your previous browser. Hence you can fix this by reinstalling that browser.

  • Problems with Roadrunner Email 

If the speed of email is not improved even after following the above steps then the problem lies with the Roadrunner email server. There may be a problems with the server of the email service provider as it might be down due to some technical reasons. Too much of traffic on the website may further make the server speed to slow down. In either case, you need to contact professionals.

Conclusion: Even though the Roadrunner email services are slow occasionally, its speed issues can be fixed by following the troubleshooting steps mentioned above. If you need any further assistance feel free to contact us on our helpline number. 

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