Why Is Roadrunner Email Working Slowly?

Why%2BIs%2BRoadrunner%2BEmail%2BWorking%2BSlowly-min Why Is Roadrunner Email Working Slowly?

Why Is Roadrunner Email Working Slowly

Roadrunner email services are provided only in America. This is a trusted email service used by millions of people in the USA. It is a paid service that provides some extra features compared to the free email services.

Roadrunner email was run by Time Warner Cable Company which was the second-largest cable TV provider in the USA. The company had access to millions of people. Naturally, the Roadrunner email was very popular. Recently, The Time Warner Cable was bought by another big company named Charter Communications. Now Roadrunner email comes under the supervision and surveillance of this company.

Roadrunner Email Speed Working Slowley Problem

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Roadrunner is a fantastic email service. Its users are very happy with its performance and features. Since it is a paid service, there is very little or no issues. However, sometimes the users of this email service face problems with the speed of email such as roadrunner email working slowly. The problem is faced by many users but not at the same time. There are so many problems faced by Roadrunner email users.

  • Roadrunner Email login page now become spectrum webmail login page, loads slowly and takes up to several minutes to load.
  • User has to wait for 2 to 5 minutes after he has entered username and password.
  • New and unread emails are opening very slowly.
  • It takes more than 10 minutes to load the content of the email received.
  • The file received in the email is taking forever to download or open.
  • Roadrunner is sending emails with a minimum delay of 2 minutes.
  • Attaching a file is taking more than 10 minutes.
  • Attaching large files is taking hours.
  • It is taking too much time to delete old and unnecessary emails.
  • Typing is awful for composing a new email as typed text appears very slow.
  • Roadrunner email is taking too long to respond that it seems like the email has become non-responsive.

Factors Responsible for Slow Speed of Roadrunner Email

There can be several factors responsible for the problem of the slow speed of Roadrunner email. The problem can be related to the browser, internet speed may be down or there can be some problem with the server of Roadrunner email. Here is a list of major reasons for roadrunner email working

  1. Slow Internet Speed 

This can be a major reason for the slow speed of Roadrunner email. Sometimes the server of the internet service provider can be down or there can be some other problem due to which the email pages are taking too long to respond. Open the other tabs in your browser and try loading a different page like Yahoo home page or youtube to see whether your internet is working properly or not.

  1. Browser Related Issue

A browser related issue can also slow down the Roadrunner email. If your browser set up on the computer has become corrupt then it will affect the loading and other operations on the email. The browser may also get infected from a virus which will slow down the email.

  1. Cookies and Caches

If you have not cleared the cookies and cache on your browser then it can also affect the speed of Roadrunner email services. Cookies and cache are very important for the browser to function properly but if they are not cleared within a time then a pile of cookies can slow down the webpages viewed on the browser.

  1. There Is Virus on Computer

This could be a major reason for slowing down the speed of email. If there is some virus on your computer or adware installed in your browser then it is going to affect your browser speed. A virus on the computer or browser can affect Roadrunner email operations adversely.

  1. Roadrunner Email Server Is Down

It is a major issue faced by any kind of web service providers around the world. The roadrunner email server can sometimes go down for a variety of reasons. If this is the case with the Roadrunner email, then it will slow down the operations on this email service.

  1. Too Much Traffic

Traffic load may be excess on the website of the Roadrunner email. In such a scenario, the load on the server increases and the execution speed of instructions given by the user can go very low. Hence, it will slow down email loading and other important functions.

How to Fix Slow Speed of Roadrunner Email Service?

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Roadrunner email working slowly problem can be fixed. Some issues can be fixed from the computer of the user. For other problems, you need to inform the authorities at the email technical support. You can also change roadrunner email settings & resolve your basic queries, Follow the below-given set of instructions to troubleshoot the slow speed problem of Roadrunner email

  1. Check the Speed of Internet

This is the first step for troubleshooting the slow speed of the Roadrunner email problem. First, you must check whether your internet is working properly or not. Start your browser and go to youtube. Now play any one of the videos in front of you. If the video does not play properly than contact your cable operator and get the internet fixed

  1. Clear Cookies and Cache

Cookies and cache are an integral part of any web browser, but they can also lead to problems like slow speed of a page on the internet. Some cookies and cache help browser remember the webpage and load it faster but a bulk load of such information can slow it down.  Clear the cookies and cache from your browser and restart the browser. Now check to see whether Roadrunner email loads fast or not.

  1. Try A Different Browser

Try opening the Roadrunner email with a different browser. If there is some problem with your browser than the email will be loaded in a few seconds. If you do not have any other browser than download and install one on your computer and check to see if there is any difference. If the email loads properly then the problem is with your original browser. You must reinstall it.

  1. Problems with Roadrunner Email

If the speed of email is not improved even after taking the above steps than the problem lies with the Roadrunner email. There can be problems with the server of the email service providers. It might be down due to some technical reasons. There might be additional traffic on the server which may slow down the speed. In either case, you need to contact the technical support of Roadrunner over email and inform them about the issue.

Even though the Roadrunner email services are slow, many users in America still prefer to use it since it is much convenient to use and is reliable as well.

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