What is the SMTP Server Settings For TWC Roadrunner Email?
What is the SMTP Server Settings For TWC Roadrunner Email

What is the SMTP Server Settings For TWC Roadrunner Email?

Times Warner Roadrunner email is a mail service that was launched in the year 1996 in, Ohio by four gentlemen named Carl Rossetti, Jim Chiddix, Mario Vecchi and Tim Evard. It is recorded to be an award-winning high-speed internet service with 5.4 million users to it. Since the day of its launch the company has been adding new technology and features to its service which is probably the reason for its customers to be continually glued to the service with the addition of many more in the list, You are automatically assigned an email account once you subscribe to the Roadrunner webmail. Let us have a quick read of the amazing features this webmail offers to its users.


1.Security:This webmail service provides full proof security to its users. The additional features in regard to security include blocking provision, mail filtering, user authentication, and parental control and many others.

2.Useful feature of Address book: In this webmail service, users receive the feature of address book also called “Contacts”.Through this contact book, you can create a new account or a group, send a message from contacts, search for any particular contact or a group and delete a contact or a group as well.

3.Facility to activate sub accounts:The account holders get a special benefit to activate sub accounts along with unique email addresses and distinguished screens.


As the topic of our article demands, let us get into a bit of technicality of the internet server details. The Roadrunner Email Settings works on various servers namely HTTP, IMAP, STMP, and POP3. Just like any other webmail service, Roadrunner also works on the internet servers in order to retrieve and send the email messages between email senders and receivers. One of the servers that our present article deals in is the RR STMP server settings. Simple mail transfer protocol (SMTP) is for electronic mail transmission defined in 1982 by RFC and updated in 2008 by RFC 5321. This protocol is used between the sender and his RR mail server and second between the client’s and receivers’ mail server.The two basic functions performed by this server are the:


  • Ensures that anyone attempting to send outgoing email through SMTP is able to do so.

  • Enables the sending of the outgoing mail and if not delivered sends the message back to the sender.


Now coming back to our topic regarding the SMTP server for Roadrunner email, let us do a manual setup of the Roadrunner email account on the Android and Apple phone using the SMTP server.


Roadrunner Email Account Setup on Android Using IMAP & SMTP Server Settings:

placeholder What is the SMTP Server Settings For TWC Roadrunner Email?


Learn the manual setting up of Roadrunner account using the Imap and SMTP server to fix roadrunner email issues. Read on!

  • From the “Applications” screen of your Android phone and click on the “Mail” icon. Thereafter choose “Manual setup”.

  • Out of the type of accounts asked of you, choose”IMAP” option and follow the below-mentioned details to be filled in.

IMAP server: mail.twc.com

Security: None

Port: 993 for IMAP

Secure-Port 993 and Security type: SSL/TLS

Insecure-Port:143 and Security type: None

  • Now coming to the details that our article is primarily concerned with, the SMTP settings for Roadrunner webmail. Fill in the details as mentioned below:

SMTP server: mail.twc.com

Security type: None

Port-587 for outgoing SMTP

Outgoing SMTP secure: Port 465 and security type: SSL/TLS

Outgoing SMTP server i.e : Port 587 and security type:SSL/TLS

Outgoing SMTP: Port 25 and security type: None

Outgoing SMTP roaming server i.e: Insecure: Port 587 and security type: None

  • As the last step, select ”Done”.Congratulations by now you have finished the process and ready to use the Roadrunner webmail on Android phone.


Roadrunner Email Account Setup on Apple IMAP & SMTP Server Settings

Learn the manual setting up of Roadrunner account using the Imap and SMTP server on your Apple phone. Read on!

  • On the Home screen of your Apple phone, click the “Settings” icon.

  • From the Settings window, select “Mail”.

  • Select “Accounts”.

  • From the next screen that appears, select “Add Account” and select “Others” from the menu.

  • On the next screen, click on the option stating, “Add mail account”.

  • Now on the next window, fill in the details of your name, email, and passwords and click “Next”.

  • Now on the next screen select IMAP and enter the details asked under both the Incoming mail server section and the Outgoing mail server and click “Next”.

Username and password are the same for both the incoming and outgoing mail server.

Incoming mail server host name: mail.twc.com

Outgoing mail server host name: mail.twc.com

  • As the next step of the procedure, click on “Continue” and “Save”.

  • Now click on the new account that you just created.

  • Choos the SMTP server.

  • Carefully check the SMTP settings as we have laid down for you below and thereafter, click on “Done”.

Outgoing mail server host name for Roadrunner web mail: mail.twc.com

Username: Full ROADRUNNER.COM email address.

Password: Your email password

Use SSL: ON. However, as an alternative you can turn the SSL off and enter the correct port number as written down for you below:

Outgoing SMTP secure: Port 465 and security type: SSL/TLS

Outgoing SMTP roaming server is secure: Port 587 and security type: SSL/TLS

Outgoing SMTP Port 25 and security type: None

Outgoing SMTP Insecure Port 587  and security type: None

Authentication: Password

Server port: 587

  • Congratulations! After performing the above steps carefully you have now enabled your Roadrunner webmail on your iPhone.


Hope the write has helped you with the relevant information about the STMP server details for the Roadrunner email. For any additional help regarding the same, it is always beneficial to seek professional assistance. You can do Roadrunner email customer service number displayed on the company’s official website and get your issues resolved in no time.

Keep watching this space to receive more such tech related articles curated just for you!





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