Terms and Conditions

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The process of setting up Roadrunner email is simple and can be done by anyone easily. You need to get access to the internet service provider of Roadrunner mail. Time Warner Cable is one of the trademark organizations for getting Roadrunner Email. TWC allows its clients to create a login account and password for getting it. There are some limits, terms and conditions for acquiring a Roadrunner Email.

  1. Limitations for receiving emails
  • Including all connections, a user will get email up to 30MB.
  • Accordingly, the storage space should be allotted to receive emails without any restrictions.
  1. Limitations for sending emails
  • Including all the attachments, a user can send email up to 30MB.
  • For every 24 hours, the user can email up to 1,000 emails through Roadrunner per IP address.
  • For every email sent, there can be a maximum of 99 recipients in each of the “To” and “CC” fields.
  1. Major features of Roadrunner Email
  • One user can create seven email accounts in total.
  • This account can be used or opened by spectrum users only.  
  • A user can store up to 500 contacts in the account.
  • The trash in this email account will be deleted automatically in three days.
  • The total storage capacity of Roadrunner email account is 5GB.
  1. Safety and security

TWC is one of the most secure platforms for both sending and receiving emails. All the emails received or sent are checked for virus or infections. Even before the tainted messages are received or sent to someone, they will be disposed of immediately. The spam emails received by one user can be headlined as “Spam” for easy organization. A user can easily erase them without disturbing the rest of the emails.

  1. Accepting the terms and conditions with Roadrunner email
  • A Roadrunner Email user is allowed to use all the steps for login, services, troubleshooting, and the toll-free numbers. This can be granted only when the user has agreed to all the specified terms on the website.
  • The authenticity of the website is maintained and the information given is reliable. If the user is willing to use any content or troubleshooting tips from the website, they should understand that it totally depends upon their risks only.
  • Roadrunner Email also uses some of the links to other third-party websites which are not maintained or controlled by us.
  • Our website has the sole right to change our terms and conditions without any prior notice or notifications. So on agreeing on the terms after this change will be consenting to the new terms only.  
  • On any uncertainties, the websites can terminate access to the content, toll-free numbers, and other information too.
  • In case you have any doubt or feel uncomfortable with the services provided by Roadrunner Email, a user can always disconnect services and look for other alternate service providers.
  • The users can also contact the original manufacturer to clear their queries. If a user is not very comfortable or disagrees with our terms and conditions, they can avoid access to our services.