Privacy Policy for Roadrunner Email Login

Our privacy policy for Roadrunner Email Login would give you a clear insight into all the information we collect from you, why do we do that and for what are all those information used. Also, you can know how you can manage, edit and delete all the data you wish to disclose.

Services we provide

We provide all kind of service in respect with roadrunner email. Any kind of query related to roadrunner can be solved by contacting us.

The TWC Roadrunner email services we provide are meant for your use and you can take the best advantages of it by signing in with us. There are also some services and information provide on our website, for which, you do not require to sign in. And, while you sign in, you are required to provide us with some of your information which is must for us to collect, in order to know you are not misusing our service. However, you can alter the information you share with us at the time of signing in, or after you are signed in. You can even secure your information, for which special features have been provided by our company.

The information which we collect includes basic information from you. It would as well gives us a chance to serve you better and you will have a great user experience, such as the language which you speak, and the kind of query you seek. The information which we collect is someway related to the kind of service you seek from us. There are also a number of other information which we gather from you, but we treat all the information as our personal data and ensure it is kept safe.

Your activities

All the activities performed by you are monitored closely by use. This is to ensure our services are not misused or any kind of illegal or fraudulent activities are not performed via any of the platforms we provide. Also, we do not share one user’s information with another user and so, any kind of queries in respect with other user’s private information will not be entertained. However, you can yourself choose to disclose any of your personal details like your phone number, with another user. But, our company will in any case of misuse not be responsible for all the information shared by you. You are the sole bearer and you are liable for all the information which you share with a third-party use.

There are many services we provide which you can subscribe to. It is solely up to you if you want to receive any kind of information from us via subscription. You can apply or cancel any of our subscription offers at your own will and we will accept your request. Also, we provide newsletters which you can volunteer for.

We also encourage feedback from our customers, which would give us a chance to improve ourselves and provide better customer services. Feel free to leave comments and feedback after you have successfully experienced our services.