Frequent Steps for Time Warner Roadrunner Email POP & IMAP Server Settings

Roadrunner (Spectrum) Email Server Settings

The key two components for Roadrunner email settings are POP and IMAP . One of these server type is required to configure e-mail on third party mail applications such as Outlook, Thunderbird etc. These settings are also required for configuring your email on various devices such as smart phones, tablets, Ipad and so on.

Setup your Roadrunner email account on your mail application by using the below mentioned steps :

  • Firstly, open mail application (outlook, thunderbird etc) and go to the “My Account” section.
  • Next choose the “Add Account” option and then hit on the “Email” icon.
  • Enter your Roadrunner email address and password in the respective field. Thereafter, skip the option automatically configure account and press “Next”.
  • Now you will need to enter you email server settings manually 

This is explained in the next section in brief where you can choose Roadrunner email settings using the server IMAP or POP3. 

Manual Roadrunner Email Server Settings Instruction Guide

Roadrunner Email IMAP Server Settings

To setup Roadrunner IMAP Server , follow the below steps:

  • Firstly , Open email Application on your System
  • Enter your Roadrunner e-mail credentials details (Email address and Password).
  • Choose manual setup option and uncheck “Automatically Configuration” option. 
  • Select IMAP server settings for Roadrunner email and follow the below give configuration- 
  1. Select Account Type “IMAP”
  2. Incoming Server :
  3. Incoming mail server port : 143
  4. Select the Security Type :SSL/TLS
  5. Outgoing Server :
  6. Outgoing Mail Server Port :587
  7. Security Type: None
  8. Insecure Port: None
  9. Type Roadrunner email id in the email field. 
  10. Uncheck Option : secure server
  11. Uncheck Option : verified certificate
  12. Enter complete Roadrunner email & password and press ‘Next’. 
  13. Now you have to provide which account name, that want to appear on the screen on your system.
  14. After that Hit on the “Done” option 

So these are the Roadrunner IMAP server settings by which you can configure your email account on any mail application. 

Roadrunner Email POP Server Settings

Follow these steps for Roadrunner email POP settings –

  • Open Roadrunner webmail on the device and select “settings” option
  • Go to the manual server settings and choose POP Settings from there
  • Make account type as POP
  • The incoming mail server is
  • Incoming server port type is POP3 and port number is 995.
  • Security type :None
  • Outgoing mail server (SMTP) is
  • Outgoing server port is 587.
  • Again Choose Security Type : None
  • Finally for the incoming and outgoing user name enter your full e-mail id followed by your email password. 
  • Now Hit on the “Done” button. Now your Roadrunner e-mail POP server settings has been successfully configured.

Roadrunner email can be setup in Windows Live Mail Account through the POP setup:

Roadrunner email server settings for Windows Live Mail account are as below-

  • Firstly click on the Microsoft e-mail file button and  click on ‘add account’.
  • Now click on ‘manually configure server settings’, since roadrunner e-mail needs manual server configuration.
  • Enter your name in the ’email name’ section and in the username section enter you’r complete email address, followed by your e-mail password.
  • Click on account type option and select POP3 server. Enter as both for the incoming server domain and the outgoing server domain.
  • Finally click the finish button to configure the email on Microsoft. Thereafter your roadrunner mail messages will be downloaded in your Microsoft mail.


Configuration of Roadrunner Email through POP Setup (1)

Settings For POP For Roadrunner Email Setup On Ipad Or Iphone:

  • Choose the email setting from the drop down menu, scroll and choose mail, contacts, and calendars.
  • Tap add account and click on other email provider.
  • Now enter your correct login credentials by entering your name email id and password.
  • Thereafter configure the POP server settings for the email mentioned above in the article.
  • The server to be selected is POP3 from the list. Configure the outgoing email setup.
  • Now tap save and select your email setting on the next screen.
  • Scroll down the outgoing email server for SMTP  and select the main server as SMTP in mobile settings, and enter the server port as 25.
  • Thereafter tap ‘done’.
  • Lastly it is recommended to  restart you’r Iphone  to ensure that your setup are configured properly.

Setting up Roadrunner email through POP setup on Android phone: 

roadrunner pop settings android

  • Firstly launch the email application,  and enter your roadrunner email address and tap on next.
  • Select the POP 3 setting for android phone, type the roadrunner password and click on next.
  • Define the user name password server port, and then the outgoing server. This will allow you to configure the roadrunner email on POP3 setup.
  • Similarly ensure the same steps are followed to configure the outgoing POP3 setup so that sending and receiving emails becomes smooth and easy. 

The POP server is an in built server which supports the incoming of emails through the roadrunner email in large volumes. The key reason for adopting this server type is that it is cost effective and reliable and it also allows you to setup the roadrunner email on multiple platforms like Microsoft mail and 

The only key drawback of the roadrunner email or the POP server is that you need to constantly clear your inbox so that  email storage space is created. Always ensure that your email storage has empty space as a full mailbox can create a problem in sending and receiving emails.


Pop server is the backbone of roadrunner email settings. It allows the user a seamless and smooth email service at all times. The server setting mentioned in this article will allow users to use the roadrunner email on any device of their choice. However if you face any issues related to configuring of your email, feel free to contact Roadrunner support from their official website. 


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