What is the Time Warner Roadrunner Email POP Server Settings

server%2Bsettings%2Bfor%2Broadrunner%2Bemail What is the Time Warner Roadrunner Email POP Server Settings

Roadrunner Email Pop Settings

The roadrunner email setting has the POP setting for roadrunner email, account type is POP, the incoming mail server is twc.com, Incoming server port is POP3, port number 995, outgoing mail server is SMTP, mail.twc.com, Outgoing server SMTP port 587. Inbound and outbound user name enter full email id and password. 

When you access the email from different devices the POP protocol creates copy of the emails, please note the pop setting might delete the original emails depending on the server. Actions performed on email setting are limited to a computer or device in which they were performed. 

These email settings cannot be used on any other devices or web email the reason being that these specific settings are limited to the email configured on the smart device. Only few emails are reflect on the smart device. A few messages can be downloaded multiple times. 

As a user you might use only one internet connection for your email. The POP email settings allow you to access the email from an alternate device if the email is deleted on one of the devices.

What are the POP server settings for road runner email?

The incoming server for POP server setting is pop server .dc.rr.com, the incoming port is 110, The SSI security is none, mobile SMTP server is roadrunner.com. These settings are specific to the roadrunner email. 

The POP email setting for roadrunner email allows the user to setup the roadrunner email on multiple devices. There is a common issue that arises, this issue is the email does not sync properly to the device for you. 

The roadrunner email is a web mail interface that works well on the POP setup.  

Settings for POP for Road runner email setup:

Choose the email setting from the drop down menu, scroll and choose mail, contacts, and calendars, tap add account click on other. Once you enter the account please furbish the following information in the mail account. Enter your name email id and password create an appropriate user name, description enter & fill the roadrunner email setting it up. Please configure the POP server for the email.  The server to be selected is POP3 from the list. Configure the outgoing email setup. Please tap save and select your email setting on the next screen. Scroll down the outgoing email server for SMTP, please select the main server as SMTP in mobile settings, here the server port is 25. Please tap done and go on the previous screen Choose advance and make sure during the setting the email port has two things that are configured, SSL = none and server port pop server dc rr.com, please again go back to the previous screen, please restart the iphone and to finish the setup. 

Roadrunner email can be setup in outlook through the POP setup: 

 Please click the outlook file button, please click on add account, in the right pane, please click manually and configure the server settings, or the addition server type, since roadrunner email needs manual server type, select the email internet type so that the account type configures the whole name and email address, Email address is available in the first two boxes, click on account type option select the POP3 server from there, type pop server domain.rr.com, this is the incoming server domain and the outgoing server domain. With the state abbreviations shown in your email address, please click the roadrunner email settings and configured correctly. click the finish button to configure the email on phone. The roadrunner email messages are downloaded on the internet. After the account configuration process is complete. 

Configuration of Roadrunner Email through POP Setup:  

 Please open the my accounts application, select add account, you will setup the add account mode with several other social networking icons, select the email icon, please enter your full roadrunner email address, please enter the email password. Please configure the account please tap on next icon, once the account is configured, please connect the email server and state so that if account is setup correctly now please send and receive the email to test your account on the smart device or the computer whatever is applicable. 

Setting up Roadrunner email through POP setup on Android phone: 

Please launch the email application, enter the roadrunner email now tap next, select the POP 3 setting for android phone, type the roadrunner password and click on next. Define the user name password server port, and then the outgoing server this will allow you to configure the roadrunner email on POP3 setup. Please also ensure the same steps are followed to configure the outgoing POP3 setup so that sending and receiving emails becomes smooth and easy. 

The POP server is an in built server which supports the incoming of emails through the roadrunner email in large volumes. The key reason for adopting this server type is that it is cost effective and reliable also allows you to setup the roadrunner email on multiple platforms like outlook mail and gmail.com. 

The only key drawback of the roadrunner email or the POP server is you need to constantly be clearing the email inbox so that space is created because if the space is faulty, it does not allow you to send or receive emails. Please ensure at all times that there is enough space created in the mail box this space allows you to send and receive the email always at all times. 


Pop server is the backbone of roadrunner email. It allows the user a seamless and smooth email service at all times. This server setting allows users to use the roadrunner email for crisp business communications. There is an effective team of customer support officers to assist you with any server related issues. These issues can arise when the pop server looses connection with the available network. If the email is heavy in terms of size it may bounce back. The user can seek assistance to resolve this issue and other related issues from the customer support team. 

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